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Ist Holisticon ein Zirkus?

„Wooooooow! Was für eine tolle Überraschung, danke Dir vielmals!! Wir sind ganz aus dem Häuschen!“, lesen wir. Wenn eMails so starten, dann ist ganz viel Freude in der Luft. Die überträgt sich postwendend auch auf uns Holistikönner*innen. Die glückliche Schreiberin ist Jenny Siebert, verantwortlich für die Projektentwicklung und Administration beim Hamburger TriBühne e.V. Warum ist Jenny so glücklich?


LØWEN live

Wir haben es ja in der letzten Woche schon stolz verkündet: die LØWEN konnten die Deutsche Meisterschaft im Tischfußball für sich entscheiden. Nun legen wir den Livebericht aus der Feder von Teammitglied Kati vor – auf Englisch, da es sich ja um ein internationales Team handelt.

The LØWEN journey at the Bundesliga – our first German Championship Title

Our lovely journey began on Saturday morning with a nice breakfast and a team talk, we knew we had to give it our all this weekend but at the same time there was a nice calm because we knew we have each other’s back. We first had to play our final qualification match against the very competitive team of Yard Berlin, the match was hard but with our experience with managed to solidify our first place in the group!

It was also our first match with our new lion Amalie Wolff who jumped in for our captain Nathalie who will be a mother soon. Amalie showed enormous amount of dedication right from the start – reason why we all immediately knew she deserves a permanent spot on the team.

Now we had to play another group of 3 which would determine if we go to the elimination round. We gathered and our captain said “this is it, this is what we came here for, now let’s make our Nathalie proud” – it’s all that we needed to hear to play to our full potential against Eintracht Frankfurt, Hannover 96 and Bamberg, who made sure to not make it easy for us. Then, all of the sudden, after winning the second group stage, a familiar voice said: “girls we are in the semifinal!!” which took our euphoria to a whole new level!

Finding ourselves against the once winning team of TSV Schmiden, the girls went early to the table, the goalies made sure their dangerous push shot from the 2 bar is still warm and our forwards kept their passing rod as sharp as possible. Even if all of them had their headphones on to get in the zone, they were looking at each other reaffirming that they are connected.

The match was full of ups and downs but we won against TSV Schmiden in the semifinal, which meant we did it – we got to the final! A fulfilled dream just knocking at the door! While the last challenge was just in front of us we thought of our amazing member who was at home cheering for us every step of the way, she is our glue and we had to make sure the next message we send her is a positive one!

We start the final against one of the favorite teams of Kicker Crew Bonn and cautiously started to win sets just before we see our two Amalies on the brink of scoring the last ball to win the final – then the last ball was scored and we realized we did it, we knew it was a team effort, something that we all worked on with a lot of commitment and we couldn’t have achieved or be there without the help of the amazing Holisticon, who believed in us just from the moment we entered the league. The moment it all ended we magnetically hugged each other and it ended as it started, with all of us in a circle singing our team chant, louder than ever!

With that Ecaterina, Amalie, Amalie, Linh, Lea, Nele, Wiebke and Nathalie hope to become a challenge for next year and do our best once again!