Christmas Thought – Ein holistisches Weihnachtsgedicht

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How do you best connect with people? Do you do it with expressions, gestures, small signs of affection? What if you don’t have the luxury of physical contact, of a handshake, a hug or a pat on the back? Well, sometimes the only thing you can do is the best thing that you can come up with. You can connect with people in a multitude of ways, why not just do it with words?

Every year the white beard comes,
Once upon, he’s given plums,
But nowadays, more oft than not,
All the things he brings are wrought.

Way back then a word, a gesture
Or even just a thought, a picture
Were gifted in this time of year
Whose value we now cease to cheer.

Everyone is more concerned
With the bonus they have earned
And which relatives to meet which day,
And if the dinner’s most gourmet.

Lists of presents, big and small,
The sheer amount alone appalls,
Are how we now prepare for what
Was once a time for fig and nut.

Who’s to say that Christmas times
Need to consist of songs, of rhymes
But isn’t it a lonely thought
To only think of presents bought?

Instead it’s more important that,
No wasting idle chitty-chat,
Your loved ones are all close to you
No matter what you have been through.

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Everyone should cross home’s doormat,
Soldiers coming back from combat,
Explorers, mountaineers descending
From whichever end they’re sending.

Sometimes that cannot be done,
We miss our loved ones, joy undone,
But Christmas’ spirit’s still at large
So there’s time for taking charge.

Let them know you think of them:
Call, send cards, don’t twirl your thumbs.
We never know what happens next
So life’s best lived without regrets.

Spread your love and spread it wide,
Be gentle, kind, swallow your pride,
Bridge disagreements of the past,
Invest to make relations last.

And if a rest of love remains
Despite Corona’s lame restraints
Wish everyone from far and near
A very happy end of year.

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