LØWEN Hamburg’s status quo during Corona

Teamspirit und Freude an dem, was sie tun, vereinen Holistikönner*innen mit den LØWINNEN — neben der unbändigen Begeisterung für das Tischkickern. Eng verbunden mit den Weltmeistern der 1. Deutschen Tischfußball-Liga der Damen, war das Interesse groß, zu erfahren, wie die Ladies gut durch die aktuelle Phase gehen und welche Erfahrungen sie für sich mitnehmen. Wir lassen die Crew hier direkt selbst zu Wort kommen und teilen ihren Beitrag mit euch.

This article cannot start without a mandatory “we miss playing”! During this very important #stayhome period the Løwens went into their dens to contribute to the safety of everyone around.

Corona has crashed into everyone’s life like an uninvited guest who ruins your party and it surely has ruined our party. This year was going to be the year where we were going to defend the title for the first time. All the teams in the Bundesliga were practicing on our home table and recruiting specific players with us in mind. It was going to be a great and challenging season and we were all aching to get started. Everything was booked and were waiting for us, but then Corona happened, and the world shifted. 


Suddenly the usual tournament on wednesday at the popular foosball location “KIXX Hamburg” started to be a get together without any hugs or handshakes. Everything happened so fast and on the next day also several tournaments were cancelled and the whole league stopped. Everything just stopped and we had to accept that our lovely second home in Hamburg has to close his doors.

For Løwen it means that we are not going to fight, play and compete together, it means that we are missing out on an opportunity to grow as a team and as individuals in a team, but it also means that we are forced to reflect over our lives and our priorities. It means that we have a lot more time to dive into ourselves and work on elements in ourself like patience, and how to keep calm and perhaps manage fear of the unknown and that uncomfortable feeling of not being in control of ourselves and our own life, which are all things we can transfer to our game later on and be even stronger, because foosball is as much a mental game as it is a physical game.

The team spirit and love and respect that we have for each other on the other hand is thankfully immune to any virus. Everyone is having a hard time and so many things are changing. But it is amazing to know that someday, we can play foosball again. We will be ready after this period, as soon as it’s safe to compete again, with recharged energy, a thirst to fight and ready to defend our title!

All the best from the LØWEN Team – stay healthy everyone!

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