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Meet and greet: LØWISTICON

Holistikönner sind #GERNEGEBER und so sponsern wir unter anderem die LØWEN Hamburg. Das kraftvolle Tischkickerteam hat uns im neuen Hamburger Office besucht und dabei gehörig die Kickertische aufgemischt. Wir freuen uns über den Beitrag, in dem die Mädels ihren Eindruck über unser erstes „meet and greet“ teilen. Viel Freude beim Lesen.

Unlike other cats, lions are very social animals which can also be reflected in LØWEN Hamburg, therefore it was not a difficult decision to accept the invitation and go see who our new sponsors were. It was presented as a meet and greet training session in what LØWEN knows best, Foosball. …

LØWISTICON – to be continued

Foosball, tablesoccer, kicker… ‘’what is actually the right term?’’, asked a curious Holistikönner. A dear child has many names, let us call it foosball for now, or simply ‘foos’.

A plan for the training session began forming. We were going to go over some basics techniques, efficient ways to be more successful in the sport and strategies. Along with our notes, we packed some handle wraps and new balls and felt ready to give a good lesson. Little did we know, the people at Holisticon were no strangers to foosball. In fact, many after-work hours were spend by their office foosball table and they even had ongoing statistics and special in-house developed software mounted to their foosball table. From the beginning it was clear that we might as well throw our plans out the window and go with the flow.

Holisticon resides in beautiful surroundings in a new and raw building, and it was quickly noted by one of the LØWENS that it was only about 15 minutes from our beloved foosball club Kixx, ‘’that is how we measure all distances’’, another LØWEN jokingly added to Holisticon’s amusement. With the help from the people the place had a charming ‘down to earth’ atmosphere. Even though they had hardly moved into the new building, there were wonderful green plants, flowers on the tables in the common area, music, a huge grill outside and a stacked fridge with everything your heart desired, they had also provided an additional foosball table for the occasion. The settings were very inviting.

As soon as the conversation landed on foosball, it became obvious to us that we had something very fundamental in common with the people of Holisticon. Not only a love for the game, but a passionate approach to our craft. A desire to strive for quality and greatness. We want to be the best team in the Bundesliga, but we want to have fun and value friendship while we reach our goals. It felt like we were among peers on this aspect. It was hard to imagine anything other than great things being created out of this place.

After the initial meet’n’greet, a cold beverage was offered and the training naturally began. On one foosball table surrounded by a handful of men a LØWEN girl presented the game and its’ different techniques, while she pounded the ball into the goal with a speed that definitely raced some brows. On the other table two LØWEN girls took up the challenge of several of the guys and jumped straight into playing. During the game any inputs the girls had were deeply absorbed, and other times the game was stopped, to ask how a specific movement could be improved. People have different ways of learning, but common to them was the curiosity and seriousness we were shown when sharing our passion.

One of the Holistikönners had a bit more experience than the others and was of course ranked highest in their statistics, and while he went to secure our dinner outside on the grill, the others had many creative ideas about how we could come and give more lessons, but not invite their star player. ‘’Or maybe you can just teach him something that won´t benefit him at all’’, another one cleverly suggested. Humor is not in short supply at Holisticon.

The training was a success and so was the BBQ afterwards. It surely was a pleasure to spend time together with our sponsors at Holisticon, who welcomed our geekiness with open arms. The LØWEN girls got quite inspired by the homemade foosball rules and foosball software that was showcased by Holisticon, and hopefully our newfound friends got something out of our visit too. Safe to say the lions went home with a full stomach and a full heart.

Dear LØWEN ladies, thanks for a wonderful evening and spectacular tricks. We are looking forward to our next games night!

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