Hamburg Akka Meetup — Reactive Reference Architecture

Am 27. April findet das zweite Akka-Meetup in Hamburg in diesem Jahr statt — dieses Mal zu Gast in unserem Büro in Othmarschen. Wir freuen uns auf Markus Jura (@MarkusJura) von Typesafe. Die Anmeldung erfolgt wie üblich über die Meetup-Gruppe.


With the advent of the Reactive Manifesto, the ongoing development of Java, Scala, and toolkits such as Akka, we now have the means to create fully reactive and distributable applications on the JVM.

But even when equipped with this knowledge and set of tools, we still find ourselves looking for a good set of blueprints. In this session Markus will talk about the new architectural challenges when building a distributed system and shows how to solve them with certain patterns. That will give you a foundation from which you can build a wide variety of reactive, distributed software solutions.

About the speaker:

Markus Jura is a consultant and trainer at Typesafe where he helps others learn and use Scala, Akka and Play. He has been a Play and Scala enthusiast ever since he jumped on these technologies in 2011. Markus combines more than seven years of professional experience working as a Technical Consultant for large enterprise companies, together with being the co-founder & CTO of the startup testmunk. He is located in Hamburg and tweets as @markusjura.

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